What Can Be Done with the SCF?

The Sustainable Communities FrameworkTM (SCF) is a comprehensive economic development program aimed at addressing economic, environmental and social problems in society. It has been developed based on historical examples of very successful implementations of voucher programs from around the world.

The SCF can be used to fund all manner of projects and programs, in a fashion similar to those funded by a national currency (examples: US dollars, Euros, British Pounds, Japanese Yen, etc.), the key difference being that a voucher is issued by a non-governmental entity rather than a government sanctioned one. And that issuer sets their own rules on how that voucher is issued and what it can be used for.

The SCF in Nigeria is being implemented by the US based Sustainable Communities Corporation (SCC), supported locally by the Michael Sauvante Care Foundation, a Nigerian non-profit, non-political organization, under contract with SCC to help deploy the program in Nigeria.

Below is a list of various programs that can be implemented using the SCF economic development program, along with its companion UNIEX voucher banking system. Although extensive, this list is by no means exhaustive, and many other things can be funded and implemented. Each state in Nigeria will establish its own programs using SCF and UNIEX, and can pick and choose from the below list, or come up with their own unique applications.  

  • Poverty Elimination
  • Infrastructure
  • Other applications
    • Food and Water Systems
      • Food Systems
      • Water Systems
      • Clean Air Systems
    • Education Systems
      • Teachers
      • College Students
      • Pre School
    • Care Systems
      • Child Care
      • Elder Care
      • Health Care
    • SMEs, Entrepreneurism and Workforce Development
      • SMEs
      • Entrepreneurism
      • Workforce Development
      • Sustainable Business & Manufacturing
    • Not-for-profit Organizational Support
      • Non-profits/NGOs
      • Local Governments
      • Support for the Creative Arts

What can you imagine?