The Sustainable Communities Framework and Universal Exchange

 The Sustainable Communities Corporation (SCC), owner and implementor of the Sustainable Communities FrameworkTM (SCF) and Universal ExchangeTM (UNIEX) voucher banking system has engaged the Michael Sauvante Care Foundation (MSCF) to help SCC deploy those systems throughout the entire country of Nigeria. 

In combination, these tools will allow SCC & MSCF and all their partners and participants to lift up the economies of all the states in Nigeria and address many of the economic, environmental and social problems that plague our country and for which relief is sought.

This site details many of the ways that SCC/MSCF can accomplish those goals, especially as detailed under the section title What Can Be Done with SCF?? Each state in Nigeria will establish their own SCF program, based on the priorities and preferences of the teams that will implement the SCF in their respective states.  In most cases, SCC/MSCF will partner with a group in each state that will be called the SCF State Partner, who will be the primary planners and implementers in their respective state, supported by tools and guidance provided by SCC/MSCF.

An outline of the common steps that will be taken to implement the SCF in each state is explained in the section titled Implementing the SCF, followed by the specific plans of each state in a subdomain of this website, such as the one for the state of Enugu, the first state to adopt this program, which can be found here