Sustainable Communities Framework

On the SCF home page we introduced the idea that we the people can issue our own vouchers and thereby solve many of the problems facing society today.

Success, however, depends on achieving a sufficiently large group of adopters who will use the voucher in their communities and a system for deploying it.


Via Universal Exchange Nigeria (UNIEX.NG), a voucher bank, SCC will issue a unique voucher in each state in Nigeria for all state residents to use locally. UNIEX will function like a conventional bank, allowing users to establish accounts via a digital wallet.

SCC will issue each state its own voucher in two primary ways – granting it to governments, non-profit organizations and individuals, and selling it. Michael Sauvante Care Foundation (MSCF) will assist SCC in distributing those vouchers in support of the SCF program in those states. Once a user obtains some of that voucher and it is credited to their wallet, they will be able to engage in transactions with other users.


We will be establishing a digital marketplace in each state for the exchange of goods and services using the local voucher. Each marketplace will be a subdomain of, such as the one for the state of Enugu at

This will resemble a hybrid of JijiCraigslist, eBay and Amazon, which means that both individuals and businesses can list goods and services on the site.  Like Jiji and Craigslist, users can sell personal items. But unlike Jiji and Craigslist, users can actually buy and sell on the site, not just advertise items.

If they do not have enough vouchers in their account to make a particular purchase, they can use a credit card to purchase the vouchers which in turn can be used to make purchases. At the same time, businesses can list their items like they do on eBay or Amazon. Thus buyers can buy both new and used items on one site.


With these building blocks of the bank and the marketplace, SCC/MSCF enables a concept called the Sustainable Communities Framework (SCF). The SCF is similar to the proposed U.S. federal Green New Deal (GND) legislation, which is aimed at addressing major environmental, economic and social problems. The key difference between the GND and the SCF is that the GND would be a nationwide US program funded with US dollars, whereas the SCF is designed to be regional (state-by-state) and funded by vouchers issued by the Sustainable  Communities Corporation.  Likewise here in Nigeria, instead of waiting for a government to solve problems for us, we the people can solve them ourselves.

By utilizing the SCF, communities in Nigeria can accomplish the visionary goals listed on the SCF home page. To facilitate those objectives and help organize state efforts, we organize our efforts to replicate the U.S. implementation of SCF as described on the SCC website here: Implementation of the SCF that lays out the framework for deploying the SCF.  


Whether you are interested in helping to build and deploy the SCF in your state, or just want to help yourself and your neighbors and friends take advantage of a new kind of economy that benefits everybody, not just the wealthy few, it begins with registering with us and setting up an account to use your state’s vouchers.

Follow the directions on the signup page to get started .