Michael Sauvante Care Foundation (MSCF)

Michael Sauvante Care Foundation (MSCF) is a Nigerian non-profit, non-political organization named after Michael Sauvante, an American entrepreneur and philanthropist. Mr. Sauvante, who invented and developed the Sustainable Communities FrameworkTM (SCF), a regional economic development program and Universal ExchangeTM (UNIEX), a voucher banking system, owned and deployed worldwide by its owner, the Sustainable Communities Corporation (SCC), a U.S. based non-profit organization, founded by Mr. Sauvante. 

SCC has contracted with MSCF to assist SCC in deploying the SCF and UNIEX systems throughout the entire country of Nigeria, for the benefit of all its citizens. 

The work being done by SCC and MSCF can be followed on this website Sustainable Communities Nigeria (SCN), and the state-by-state implementation of it, as demonstrated in the state Enugu, detailed here, along with the voucher bank portal and the voucher marketplace in each state that enable the implementation of the SCF in Nigeria.